It has been roughly two weeks since we resumed development on Extrillius, and everything is already looking great. All the files and data are put back on the servers. It’s like we never left. And, with Spring Break these past few weeks, we have already gotten a lot done!

As you may remember, Extrillius was “frozen”. If you don’t know what happened back in October, we recommend you read our last blog post here. We took a backup of every server to our computers, then stopped paying for the servers until sometime in March. Now, the time has come for Extrillius to come back, and it’s quickly starting to shape into what we want it to be!


Here are a few changes that we are doing, what we have already done, and what we plan to do:


  • Put a custom Tablist on every server
  • Move all KitPvP maps into a void world
  • Disable the “You Died!” message in KitPvP (AutoRespawn)
  • Insta-kill people when they fall into the void in KitPvP
  • Build a completely new Parkour spawn
  • Reset Factions
  • Test different Skywars plugins
  • Remake the server selector compass and add a minigames section
  • Make Parkour a gametype/part of the hub rather than a minigame
  • Remove Prison
  • Replace the “Prison” sign in the hub with “Parkour”
  • Build a new Creative spawn
  • Write a custom SwearToggle plugin (more info soon)


  • Switch our permission system from GroupManager to PermissionsEx with MySQL for global ranks
  • Remove all server-specific donation ranks and begin brainstorming and creating global donation ranks (More info on server ranks and people who purchased them soon)
  • Create a new Creative plot world with 160×160 size plots. Players with existing plots should be able to migrate their builds over to the new world with the help of staff members.
  • Write a simple Custom Death Message plugin for KitPvP


  • Add ColorShuffle as a network minigame again
  • Build another minigame
  • Realize all Skywars plugins are all poorly made and make a custom one for Extrillius Skywars
  • (POSSIBLY) write a custom Parkour plugin
  • Remove all KitPvP donator kits (they are all pay-to-win) and create a new, fully-functioning system that is built more around cosmetics, perks, and effects
  • Remove (more like “privatize”) all current Parkour maps except Antfarm and Factory, and create many new, better-built, larger, speedrun-friendly parkour maps
  • Set up basic forums with MyBB
  • Recreate the website with HTML/CSS or minimal WordPress
  • Finalize voting and donation systems and make them look neater
  • Begin brainstorming strategies for the Boson X minigame


We have lots of things planned that we need to get done before the Extrillius release, and we have lots of things planned for after release, but we are confident that we will be ready for release sometime around the end of May or the beginning of June, granted no other complications involving school or anything else that takes excessive time from working on Extrillius arise. We know you have been waiting a long time for Extrillius. We have too, and now, we are finally almost there.

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