We created this site at the end of June to show that we are almost done with the network. But, that was 2 and a half months ago — why is the server still not done? Well, although it looks like nothing has happened, we have been hard at work every day on the internal parts of our servers. Here’s a list of what we have done since the last blog post, and what we plan to do before release:


  • A full setup of Factions, including donor ranks, CrateKeys, lag-free, a steady playerbase, and it’s now part of our network rather than a separate beta-testing server.
  • Upgraded to allow for more RAM on Parkour and Factions
  • Added a slot in the network for a Hektropolis server, and we plan on making the amazing city server a part of our network.
  • Changed a few small things to allow more accessibility for speedrunners in Parkour
  • Finished KitPvP donor ranks, built a new spawn, and added a new map! /warp blue
  • Set new challenging records on all of the parkour maps with the help of DaFatMan922

In progress

  • Setting up and reworking the Prison server from the ground up
  • Building exclusive Parkour maps and setting up Buycraft ranks for Parkour
  • Reworking Parkour record system to allow for glitchless speedruns (all checkpoints) as well as Any% (finish by any means)
  • Writing a custom plugin to allow for Swear-Toggling (/swear on = you see swearing, /swear off = all swear words are censored with **** — feel free to help us if you’d like!)

To-Do list

  • Merge Skyblock Buycraft store with the network store
  • Change Parkour prefix from /pa to /pk
  • Finish Buycraft packages on all servers (except for the in-progress ones) and create global Buycraft packages that apply to all servers
  • Create a new Creative world (keep this one too) in order to fix an issue where the whole PlotWorld doesn’t load, and instead eventually becomes a default world
  • Make a new Creative world (or server, depending on the prices) with bigger plots and extra perks for donors
  • Setup Buycraft on Creative

As you can see, there’s not a lot left to do, and we’ve done a whole lot since the last blog post. We are working very hard to provide an experience that is different from any Minecraft server. If there’s one word that inspires us and that makes us different, it’s community. We want to make our community like no other server has made their community. We want everyone to feel noticed, safe, and at home. We pick out the best of the best staff members who are active all the time, can problem-solve at a moment’s notice, and can interact with people in a friendly manner. For more info about our staff, please visit our About page. Our other responsibilities, such as school, can get in the way of progress, but we take whatever opportunity we can to provide the best-quality servers that we possibly can.

We also want to remind you that Extrillius, even though not finished, is open for a public beta! We are making no effort to bring in players at the time, and you shouldn’t either, but if you’d like to play and bring your friends, feel free! You can join with

Thank you everyone. We will provide you with any information that we can as progress goes by. We sincerely apologize for the severe delay on everything. Check this website regularly to see if any changes (shh.. we are working on a new website as well!) occur. For now, we thank you for being patient as we take this journey together, and we definitely hope to see you sometime in the future.

~ Matthew, Owner ~

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