It has been roughly two weeks since we resumed development on Extrillius, and we have already gotten a lot done! It’s quickly starting to shape into what we want it to be!

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In these blog posts, I’m usually speaking on behalf of my staff members, but I’m going to be speaking in first person for this one because this is more personal than anything else. Please read the whole thing. […]

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We created this site at the end of June to show that we are almost done with the network. But, that was 2 and a half months ago — why is the server still not done? Well, although it looks like nothing has happened, we have been hard at work every day on the internal parts of our servers. […]


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On behalf of our staff members, we’d like to wish you a warm welcome to the network! If you are new and would like to know about us, please visit the About page. We’re sure you’ll love it! […]

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